Chapter 6. Configuring IPv6 addresses

Table of Contents
6.1. Displaying existing IPv6 addresses
6.1.1. Using "ip"
6.1.2. Using "ifconfig"
6.2. Add an IPv6 address
6.2.1. Using "ip"
6.2.2. Using "ifconfig"
6.3. Removing an IPv6 address
6.3.1. Using "ip"
6.3.2. Using "ifconfig"
6.4. Automatic IPv6 Address Configuration
6.5. Enable Privacy Extension
6.5.1. Enable Privacy Extension using sysctl
6.5.2. Enable Privacy Extension using NetworkManager
6.5.3. Test real use of Privacy Extension IPv6 Addresses

There are different ways to configure an IPv6 address on an interface. You can use use "ifconfig" or "ip".